Our History


TPMC Construction & General Services, Inc. has been organized last April 2009, after SANKYU Construction Philippines, Inc (SCPI), declared temporary closure after fourteen (14) years of operation, a team of dynamic and development oriented technical men and women from said Japanese Company, has conceptualized and established TPMC Engineering Services & Trading mainly the following objectives:

  • The continuity of services being served by SANKYU Construction Philippines,essay editor Inc. after its closure
  • The preservation of good skills,knowledge, attitude of former SCPI staff and workers
  • Maintain and improve good relation with former clients of SCPI and would-be client of TPMC Engineering Services & Trading in terms of safety, quality, service and team work

June 16,2010, after more than a year of operation, TPMC Engineering Services & Trading has changed its business name and status to TPMC Construction & General Services, Inc. as duly establish corporation. It was incorporated to gain more stability, confidence level and to have well knit organization to meet the demands of our clients and added trust from our suppliers and service providers. These improvements are attributed mainly to our satisfied clients for their patronage, not to mention the loyalty and teamwork displayed by our staff and workers who made our clients happy with TPMC Services.

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