How to Use Decorative Trim for Fabric?

Decorating your home can be a fun activity the whole family could do but if you want to make it look great you will need to do your research. Choosing the items for the interior is an easier part compared to extra details you can add to make it unique. When it comes to decorative trim for fabric, you have limitless options to choose from and you can get some of the best ideas online.

There are a few tips you should follow like sticking to one style so it won’t look like you just placed something on your windows, doors or any other area just to place it there. The materials you use will also be important because some might be easier to clean and to replace. You can also make your own design which can be difficult if you have no sewing or similar skills.

Trim Types

Trim includes many elements in your house like window casings, door, baseboard, fireplace surrounds, mantels, spandrels, corbels, columns, pilasters and picture rails. Some are not made out of fabric instead are flat boards that are used to make sharp angles look better. It can also be molded in a certain carved shape. A good supplier will have hundreds of profiles you can get. Read more about it here:

Not every area can have a fabric decor because it doesn’t look great so people use sturdy materials for baseboard which is the section between and wall. They can also be used for window and door casings, wall paneling, chair rail, picture molding, and ceiling molding. Usually, harder materials are used for decorations that are below and fabrics are used for areas that are more noticeable.

Lace Trims and Ribbons

Laces are one of the options you can go with and they are great because of the variety of materials they can be made of including polyester, cotton, spandex, rayon and nylon. An issue might be the price depending on the manufacturer but it is among the most beautiful. Either way, you can change it without too much effort if it doesn’t fit your ambient.

Satin and nylon are the most used materials for ribbons but they are mostly used for rooms that have a ceremonial purpose. Satin types are mostly narrow and others made out of nylon come in broader design. They can be printed and it is a cheaper option but embroidery look more luxurious. Everything depends on what you are trying to achieve when decorating the house.

Which Style To Apply?

If you want a swanky or fabulous style, you can get a bead fringe that has long strands of beads or a mixture of balls and beads. There are many kinds of patterns with a crisscrossing style that looks more glamorous. Border tape has a more serious look and is usually about 2 inches wide. It is very easy to fit it into the overall design of the room.

A more formal kind compared to other trim such as tassels is the braid type which is more ornamental. It’s used more for edging around drapes but there isn’t a strict rule where to place it. Something that can be used for bedrooms is a brush fringe which is more cute and playful. From 1 to 2 inches lengths are the most popular choices.

Corder and bullion type look more appealing because they are wider than others, around 3 inches. They don’t look great if you choose a multicolor so for larger kinds try to use a single color model. If you can’t figure out which one is the best, try hiring someone that knows everything about interior design.Click here to read more.

Where to Find It?

You probably have in mind what colors you want to choose but when it comes to the material and how well the design is made, choosing where to buy is a big factor. There are many reputable manufacturers and it would be best if it is handmade because the value is bigger. The price will depend on the material used but they aren’t too expensive and can be easily found online. Always buy from a reputable seller because there are many websites where you might have issues with the delivery.

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