Industrial Style Minimalist Living Room Furniture

Industrial style is a contemporary interior design that is inspired by factory styles and industrial components. The semi-finished appearance which is dominated by dark colors and metallic accents is the hallmark of this interior style.

Because of its uniqueness, many people are interested in making industrial-style dwellings. Moreover, we do not need to spend a lot of energy and money to create industrial interiors.

Industrial Sofa Furniture Gray

Industrial-style rooms are identical to dark colors, such as black, gray, and brick red. To make it seem modern and easy to combine with other furniture, you can choose a gray sofa.

The color of this sofa can give the impression of luxury without having to be complicated in the room. In addition, the maintenance of the gray sofa is also not difficult.

Iron Table

Metallic accents are an important element in creating a room with an industrial design. So, you can add an iron table that is the same color as the sofa.

Also put a flower vase in the middle of the table to make it look more beautiful, like the picture of the industrial living room above.

Floor Lamp

Lighting can always affect the mood of a room. Likewise in the industrial room. Use an iron frame lamp with a warm, dim yellow light.

If there are wires in the floor lamp, you don’t have to hide it and leave it visible. Thus, the living room will feel more comfortable, especially when gathering with family.

Dark Color Carpet

In addition to making the living room more comfortable, the presence of a carpet can make the room stand out more. To strengthen the industrial atmosphere, choose a dark color rug that matches the sofa and table. You can also make the carpet as a seat.

Just add a sofa cushion of the same color to provide comfort while sitting relaxed with your family.

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