House fence are used with the aim of protecting the house and providing a sense of security for the owners and occupants of the house. Therefore the fence is an important aspect that must be present when building. Beyond this function, the fence can actually be an exterior that has artistic value in the design of the house.

So, for more details, let’s look at the minimalist fence reference through the following explanation.

1 Made of Wood

Wood is indeed a material that can be used for almost all aspects of the building. One of them is the fence. Selection of the right wooden house fence design can provide the accuracy and beauty of the house. Make the house more natural with the use of wood throughout the fence. However, this requires a lot of budget because wood has a price that is not cheap. Another option is to combine wood with various supporting materials such as steel or aluminum. Fences made of wood are indeed stronger and sturdier.

2 Gabion

Gabion or gabion is a wire/iron framework made into a box filled with similar rocks. Its general function is indeed to withstand landslides, but now it can be used as a minimalist fence. You can adjust the size according to the area and unite it with a wall fence or hedges. Stay solid and strong on a shoestring budget.

3 Sliding Doors

Your house has limited land to install a fence? The solution could use a sliding door. It’s easier and doesn’t take up much space. Sliding door railings use adjustable rails. Sliding doors have two types, namely manual and automatic. Automatic sliding doors work with a motor and transmitter as the movers.
Limited budget? Forget about using automatic sliding doors. In order not to bother sliding it back and forth, you can combine sliding doors with opening doors in general. So when you enter the house, you can use a single opening door without the hassle of opening all the sliding doors.

4 Steel Door

Don’t want your whole house to be exposed when other people pass in front of your house? A steel door fence can be your best option if you need more privacy. This house fence is very sturdy and strong so it gives a firm effect on your home. Gives a luxurious and simple effect that is integrated into one fence design for this house.

5 Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is not bound by any boundaries. You can make designs according to current trends, including for selecting exterior fences. Contemporary style house fences are characterized by the use of natural materials and natural colors. Like wood material combined with steel or iron. The design design also appears simple. Some contemporary designs still use a classic style. No wonder you still find a mix of classic and modern.

6 Laser Cut Patterns

Iron and aluminum materials can be beautiful and artistic fence decorations. For a simple look, the material can be vertical or horizontal without any decoration.

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