The Best Ways to Service Your Septic System

Septic system should remain at the frontline of your home hygiene the septic system should, therefore, remain maintained throughout the year and avoid any chances of spillage or bad smell as this can render you and your household liable for hygiene-related infections.

Inspect and Exhaust Frequently

Though the septic system can remain in good condition for a long time even up to 3 years depending on various factors, it is always wise to regularly inspect it. Check and see whether the system is blocked by any substance. Consider the level of the septic tank especially after heavy rains. You should have noticed that the tank might get filled faster when you have many people in the house. Everyone uses a lot of water, and all this finds its way into the septic tank. So, when you have events at home, it is prudent to use other means to avoid overburdening your septic system. A good bet is any portable showers Bernalillo nm, toilets, and any sanitary equipment. It is advisable you call the exhauster service providers to dispose of accumulated waste without overfilling your tank.

Reduce Water Wastage

Imagine on average; one person uses about 70 gallons of water daily. How many people do you have in your home? Don’t you think this is enough amount of water that goes into your system? If this one alone is enough, what about the extra water as a result of spillage? Always make sure that your taps are not leaking in any way as this water can quickly fill your tank with a year. Effective you of water, therefore, reduce the risk failure of your septic system.

Properly Dispose Of Your Waste

Everything that goes doing the drain ends up in the septic system. Don’t make your toilet a trash can as some wastes may clog the drainage system like the baby diapers, the sanitary towels and some non-biodegradable or generally hard to dissolve substances. Dump other wastes in the trash cans for the garbage collectors to dispose of it. These wastes might even hinder the micro bio from digesting the waste hence haste the rate of septic tank refill.

Maintain Your Drain Field

A drain field is part of the septic system that removes contaminants in the liquid emerging from septic and therefore needs much care. You should not drive or park your car on the downfield as it will be tempered with. When planting trees, distance them from this line so that the roots cannot reach and compress the drain field. Consider putting the other drainage system far from the drain field so that the water cannot find its way into the septic tank.

Bottom line

It is always essential to care for your septic tank to maintain your home hygiene. You can achieve this by inspecting and exhausting the tank frequently. Take care of the leakages to avoid extra water from filling the tank. Minimize the amount of waste entering the septic system by investing in portable showers and toilets when you have visitors and use of trash can. Always care for your drain field since it is equally vital for the entire system to function.

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