Wood Construction Services – What You Must Know Before Building A Home

Building a house in Germany may be costly because of the high-quality materials that you have to use, so this must be calculated well. By the way, planning isn’t done alone because consulting the experts is necessary to verify that its structure and design will be followed. Aside from newly built homes, this also applies to homeowners, who are into prefabricated or detached houses.

Now, if you’re preparing to construct your homes in this country, then you’ll have to be cognizant of the local laws even when you’d hire contractors. Assuming that applying for permits required for the construction is a part of their services. But this doesn’t mean that you can disregard it because you’re still responsible once they failed to comply with the policies – check out www.bauer-holzbau.de for inquiries.

Keep in mind that building a house is a huge accountability of a homeowner and contractors. We hire them because they have professionals to work on our projects together. Therefore, we need to be mindful of our duties and details of this development, especially when it’s our first time engaging with this kind of transaction.

Things to Observe

If you’re going to acquire a property in Germany and build a home, then pay attention to your chosen area. When you have kids, it would be a great idea to have nearby schools because they can study there. Since you have to prep meals, there must be a supermarket around.

Anyway, those establishments can be a part of future developments in your locality, so you should ask if there is such a plan. Don’t forget that the roads must be accessible because transportation is imperative. However, these are only for your benefit.

When home or building construction is involved, other factors must be measured. Let’s say that we’re not going to focus on the structure of the house alone. Instead, we have to learn what laws govern this type of project and conform as responsible citizen.

Construction Laws

Both residential and commercial buildings that will be constructed in a certain region could either be under federal or state government. We have zoning laws or “bauplanungsrecht” where the purpose of this project is defined. If your site isn’t suitable for your scheme, then this won’t be allowed – visit https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Zoning+law for more info.

Building regulations or “bauordnungsrecht” are significant, too. With this rule, designs that you desire to integrate can be met by following the planning standards. Since you’re in Germany, then you should know what regulations are implemented.

Building Permits

You’re obliged to apply for “baugenehmigung” when you’ll undergo construction, repairs, remodeling, and demolition of a particular building. Contractors must avail of this permit since they’ll be managing your project. If they’re not going to apply for this, then you’d be the one to handle it.

Let me remind you that this permit can be granted if you’re able to comply with all the laws applied. You have to submit this request to the “bauamt” or authorized department in your locality. With your application, a detailed project plan which includes a blueprint, specifications, plans, and other requested documents is attached.

Immission Control Permits are also necessary to protect the environment and the people around the site. This means that there shouldn’t be pollution, contamination, noise, etc. produced. Anyway, the contractor will know if this procedure should be met or skipped after visiting your location.

What’s your house made of?

Brick is usually the main material for old houses in Germany and later no, timber was incorporated. People started constructing log cabins or chalets to improve energy efficiency since it’s highly insulated.

Surprisingly prefabricated ones are already available today and offered by various competent contractors. Many of their clients have chosen wood as a primary material because it’s beneficial – find out more about the types.

Advantages of a Wooden House

You’ll surely enjoy living in such a setting because it provides a cozy experience. Since this material is ecological, it’s flexible, sturdy, light, and resistant with a solid structure. Thus, appropriate for most types of grounds or constructions due to low levels of humidity.

It’s an ideal option when it comes to preventing dust, as well as, static energy. Maintenance is quite easier at home because the interior is well-balanced. Therefore, making you feel more comfortable and warm.

Since this is common in prefabricated housing constructions, assembling would be faster. Layouts may differ but performance is excellent. The experts will guarantee you proper insulation, which suits warm and cold weather.


Bear in mind that renewable resources are utilized in this housing project, so it can be refilled naturally.  The trees will be absorbing carbon dioxide as they propagate. Therefore, it will aid in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Don’t forget that wood is a biodegradable material. This means that natural breakdown may occur. When that happens, nutrients will be preserved in the soil.

Energy and Money Saver

Woods feature natural insulations, so they can keep you warm or cool. Heat loss can be reduced as well due to tight sealing. Because of these, you’ll be able to reduce energy bills.

When it’s prefabricated, the layout can be designed to have a high level of energy efficiency. Aside from insulation, a triple-paned style of windows can be added. Just make sure that you’re also using energy-saving appliances.


We’re already aware that wood is durable. Therefore, it can resist daily wear and tear. It may also lead to saving the total cost of this project.

When proper maintenance is applied, this may even last for more than a century. You just need to treat your material with preservatives. In this way, it can resilient to rotting and pests, too.


Homeowners prefer using wood because it’s naturally beautiful. You don’t need to do anything on the surface except polishing. Though you may also paint this to meet your standards and preferences.

Adding décor can always be fun and the most exciting task after construction. By shopping online, finding what you want to hang or affix is easy.

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